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Garda D.O.C. sparkling wines. Piave D.O.P. cheese. Both from Northern Italy, and both the exquisite result of centuries of tradition and artisanship. Together they’re the perfect compliment bringing together the sparkling freshness of Lake Garda and distinctive alpine flavours of Northern Veneto’s Belluno province.

European quality

The European Quality banner is so much more than a label, it’s about the best of all worlds—time-honoured traditions meeting today’s most finely honed production techniques—so that you can enjoy a unique, authentic taste like no other. Your guarantee of old world goodness that will have them coming back for more, again and again.

Italian passion

Italian passion is more than just a big love for life. It’s the key ingredient, and it’s on every Italian menu, both at home and in restaurants. It’s about creating the kind of dishes and festive atmospheres that add life to life. It’s about taking the time to do things right. And taking the time to enjoy them in the right way.


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Founded in 1996, CONSORZIO GARDA D.O.C. THE GARDA D.O.C. has always been committed to promoting the value of the varietal wines of the 10 historical appellations of the Garda area between Lombardy and Veneto.

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The Consortium for the Protection of Formaggio Piave (Consorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio Piave in Italian), with offices in Busche di Cesiomaggiore (BL), was established in 2010 to protect the PDO (D.O.P. in Italian) from misuse, counterfaiting and unfair competition.

The Consorzio also has the task of protecting the typicality and the peculiar characteristics of Piave cheese, to promote it on all markets – both national and international – and to uphold it by providing product information to consumers.

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