A European Twist on the Classic Autumn Alfresco Afternoon:  Garda DOC Sparkling Wines and Piave DOP Cheese

From appetizers to the main course, enhance your Autumn alfresco afternoon with this dynamic duo. 

Cooling temperatures, changing leaves, and a moment outdoors in Autumn may seem like the perfect pairing, but is there a way to make it even better? Enter the Perfect Pairing from Europe: Garda DOC sparkling wines and Piave DOP cheese. Add a bit of northern Italian flair to your next alfresco afternoon with the distinctive and delicious flavors of these authentic European PDO products. 

From the stunning Dolomites area of Belluno’s Veneto region comes Piave DOP cheese, a hard cheese made with milk from four breeds of indigenous cattle. In these alpine climes, cheesemaking has been passed down through the generations, and these traditional Piave production methods are protected by PDO regulations. Piave cheeses may be crafted according to five different aging designations, resulting in a range of fantastic flavors to explore. Always important when feeding a crowd, Piave cheeses are also highly allergy-tolerant, as they are naturally gluten-free and contain no lactose, thanks to the traditional production and ripening process. 

Just under 100 miles away, the rolling, hilly vineyards around the southern end of Lake Garda produce some of northern Italy’s most refreshing and balanced sparkling wines. Spanning 10 historic appellations, Garda DOC harnesses cool breezes from Italy’s largest lake and plentiful sunshine to craft both white and rosé spumante wines. Typically based on Chardonnay, Garganega, Pinot Grigio, and Trebbiano for the whites, or Pinot Noir, Corvina, and Merlot for the rosés, they may be made in the traditional or Charmat method and range in sweetness from Brut Nature to Demi-Sec. 

Every great afternoon alfresco-style should kick off with some fun and festive bubbly, and Garda DOC’s easy-drinking sparkling wines are perfect aperitifs to set the scene. If welcoming guests, have an array of Piave DOP cheeses set out for them to nibble on. As they explore the remarkable differences between the more subtle Piave Fresco (aged 20 to 60 days) and rich Piave Vecchio (aged more than 180 days), the bright and vibrant Garda Spumante DOC will cleanse their palates between bites.  

With such a wide range of styles, Garda DOC’s sparkling wines will also complement myriad dishes as the day continues, particularly those enhanced with some fresh shavings of Piave DOP cheese. Incorporate into a favorite autumn salad recipe or grate it over a lovely chicken breast hot off the grill ; Piave DOP cheeses liven up almost any fall staple. 

From sunny days to chilly nights, Garda DOC sparkling wines and Piave DOP cheeses are ready to keep those unprecedented outdoor experiences going all season long.