Piave DOP Vecchio “Selezione Oro” Wins the Diamond Taste Award 2022

Piave DOP VecchioSelezione Oro” – Extra Aged Piave PDO “Oro del Tempo”
Piave is the first Italian cheese to receive this important award.

Extra Aged Piave PDO “Oro del Tempo” has been awarded the Diamond Taste Award 2022, the prestigious recognition given to the products that, for 7 times in a range of ten years, have obtained the maximum score (3 stars) after being evaluated by different juries of Chefs at the Superior Taste Award in Brussels (Belgium).
Piave is the only Italian cheese to ever receive this important award.
The jury, composed of over 200 International Chefs and Sommeliers of 15 Europe associations, among which Michelin’s stars Chef, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Chef for presidents and royal families, has blind-tasted hundreds of foods and drinks.
This year too Piave cheese has been rated 3 stars, the maximum score, and has therefore confirmed its peak level of quality, replicating the successes of the 6 last editions, where it also got the 3 stars.
Hence, for this seventh achievement Piave PDO cheese has been granted the Diamond Taste Award, as a recognition for its constant quality and remarkable taste.