The Perfect Pairing from Europe Participates in the Wine Media Conference

What better way to start off the 2022 Wine Media Conference than with a showing and tasting of the finest match made in Northern Italy? Introducing Garda DOC Wine and Piave DOP Cheese. You will see them at our Thursday Welcome Reception and again with a more in-depth tasting on Saturday, October 1, for a Discovery Session. Curious about what brings this perfect pair together?

Distinctive origins, deep history, and finely-honed production techniques: this is what brings together the perfect pairing of two of northern Italy’s most typical products, Garda DOC sparkling wines and Piave DOP cheese.

The two are unique products from suggestive places located under 100 miles apart, as the crow flies- the sparkling wifes of DOC Garda hailing from the breezy shores of Italy’s largest lake, the hard cheeses of Piave DOP coming from the mountain-framed valleys of the Belluno province. But each one has combined a lush tapestry of tradition and culture with modern sensibilities to create richly flavored products that, when combined, showcase the unparalleled flavors of northern Italy.

Discover the fresh, fun, and stylish sparkling wines of DOC Garda, which unites the hilly vineyards that cover 10 historic appellations around the southern curve of Lake Garda. Explore the rich dairy and cheese making culture of the province of Belluno and dive into the unique production and aging process of Piave DOP cheese. Then, experience this perfect northern Italian pairing for yourself and see why Garda DOC sparkling wines and Piave DOP cheese are a natural match.

The Garda DOC sparkling wines and the rich Piave DOP cheese: It’s a perfect pairing.


Lake Garda, Italy